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Bee My wrap is a durable, organic antibacterial product created to replace plastic Wraps. Opened on Little Majlis in October 2017

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Bee My Wrap commenced after I had a conversation with my grandfather about how they used to cover their food back in the day when plastic was not popular.

My grandfather explained to me how his mother uses to cover food with cotton fabric which was cover by Bee Wax and other natural products. From there the idea of creating Bee My Wrap was born.

Bee My Wrap is handmade in UAE.

Bee Wrap is Washable

Bee My Wrap is Fluid Resistance

Bee My Wrap makes your product stay fresh longer.

Bee My wrap is an organic product created to replace plastic Wraps, it is made with pure products such as Bee Wax, jojoba oil, 100% Cotton and pine resin. The ingredients make the Bee My Wrap antibacterial and as durable as long as a year based on the care of the responsible Bee My Wrap Owner

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Bee My Wrap cannot accept returns since the product is used for food storage. Please contact us with concerns and questions you may have and we will do our best to help you.

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